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Since the founders of Capitol Festival were in the world of show business before Capitol Festival was founded, they are known to rapidly design and implement various promotional campaigns as well as organize special events. In the period from 1994 to the present, Capitol Festival was engaged in a number of such transactions. Among others realized the following:

  • Opening of the SOS Children's Village in Ladimirevci in 1994

  • Conducting campaigns for the introduction of the Japanese car company "Subaru" on the Croatian market ;

  • Two organizations 2.kategorije rally in Zagreb under the auspices of the "Subaru"

  • Organization of the Six-Day Return " Don " fruit juice company Klariko at the Zagreb Fair

  • Organization and realization of several auction for Croatian kayak and canoe federation

  • Publicity campaign and grand opening sales and service center " Citroen " in Zagreb

  • Grand opening of "Blue box" redecorated sales and service center "Peugeot" in Zagreb, Jankomir Kovinska 4 ;

  • Organizations large fire drills in the barracks Lucko at which demonstrated the latest and most effective German fire equipment, as a possible solution for extinguishing fire elements on the Adriatic coast;

  • Executive producer organizations, performances and presentations of twenty leading Croatian companies at the Economic Fair " Expo - Klik " in Abaniji , Tirana 2000 ;

  • Capitol Festival and the concert hall " Lisinski " published together as promoters and music of the " New Europe Orchestra " and the pioneers of instrumental ambient pop , and recordings bear the titles : " Dancing on the Square " , " Lovebringer " film music " Bachelor Deathwish "

  • Co-organizing auctions of paintings held in support of the defense of Croatian generals in the Hague : Gotovina , Cermak and Markac at The Westin Zagreb ;

  • Co-organizing the fair , " MYKO - Expo 2011 ". at the Holiday - Zagreb in September, 2011

  • Co-organizing the " 6th international conference on the health of medicinal mushrooms " held in Hotel Antunovic in September, 2011

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