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1. Treatment of Mr. Jakopinčića , member of the 1. Croatian Guard Corps

2. The Fund for the care of the wounded policemen and children of deceased employees of the Ministry of the 

     Domestic Affairs

3. Zagreb Sports Association - Society for Rehabilitation

4. Development Zagreb Zoo - contributions have been addressed with six auctions Capitol Festival

5. Reconstruction and Development Noble municipality turopoljske

6. S.O.S. - Children's Village Croatia

7. For the electrification of the house of the deceased family members 1. Croatian Guard Corps

8. The Croatian Association of Guide Dog and Mobility of Blind Persons

9. Croatian Music Association - for a kidney transplant for Miroljub Kovac

10. The Croatian Association for professional help of children with special needs

11. For action "Knowledge for Health"

12. In association Dubrava - families of killed and wounded war veterans

13. To treat g.Alena Anic, lieutenant from Opatija

14. The fund to build a hospital in New Bill

15. Fund for the care of children of the killed and wounded members of the 153 Velika Gorica Brigade

16. For the acquisition of special wheelchair for g.Marka Badr member of the 1.Croatian Guard Corps

17. Association for the Blind Zagreb

18. The Institute for Diabetes , " Endocrinology "

19. The observatory in Višnjanu

20. World Art Games - founder status

21. For the Association of the Blind in Zagreb - Senior mobile phones for blind and severely visually impaired

       persons of lower financial status were purchased and delivered

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