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Instructions for purchasing prints produced by Capitol Festival through the web shop with PayPal payments 




Read a brief overview of how to buy a graphics via the web shop


Thank you for visiting our website and the gallery and online store to sell prints of their productions Capitol Festival.

In the gallery of prints, click on the selected graphics which will open a pop-up window with all the details of the selected graphic (author name, title, size, price, features and its description). All prices include a tax of 25% for customers from the EU. 

The process begins with your choice of a graphic not-framed (option A) or already framed (option B).

When you make your selection, click "Add to cart". The selected graphic is now saved in your basket for purchase later. You can continue to browse and choose the graphics displayed or proceed with your order.

To continue the order you need to click the gray bar labeled "Cart: 1", which is shown by the "Basket" shows how graphics are selected for purchase.

Selecting the command "Shopping Cart" will open you to a page listing the selected graphics. Here you can increase or decrease the amount of selected graika Order, in the column under the "quantity" or remove a particular item orders by clicking on the x in the column headed "remove". 


When you are satisfied with your order, click "checkout" at svjetloplavoj strip.

Selecting command "Checkout" you will be forwarded to the PayPal payment system. Log into your PayPal account. If necessary, change the shipping address, if you want delivery to an address other than your home address in PayPay system. Click Pay Now and the system will display a message about successfully concluded on orders and purchase.

If you do not use the PayPal system, and you want to become simply can perform registration at, selecting the Sign Up link and then "Open an account". Upon successful registration you will be able to pay goods and services in online stores or individuals email the help of their debit and credit cards.

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