Dimenzija: 50x40cm

From Dolac, is one of the rarer views of the Cathedral. Marasović offers us a symbiosis of secular and spiritual life through the eyes of cheerful parasols on Dolac. This print is created
in an off-set paper technique.

66. Nenad Marasović, „View of the Cathedral“

  • The graphic in front of you is created with an off-set technique. The graphic is marked, signed and finished off by the author.

    The graphic can be ordered:
    a) Unmounted at a price of € 67.00 (tax included in the price)
    b) Framed in accordance with the motif’s color and atmosphere that it provides at a price of €100.00 (tax included in the price)
    The prices in the shop - are in accordance to the Euro international market. For the customers of Croatia one print (unmounted) is 500.00 kn (25% tax included in the price) and the price for a framed graphic is 750.00 kn (25% tax included in the price). To purchase, click on CONTACT.