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…Race, prestige, struggle, fear, success, victory… 
All integral feelings of unbridled horses in a gallop. All the energy oozing from this print will creep into the environment it is placed in.

54. Mladen Legin, „Within a Gallop“, 31,5x63,5 cm

  • The graphic in front of you is created with an off-set technique. The graphic is marked, signed and finished off by the author.

    The graphic can be ordered:
    a) Unmounted at a price of € 65.00 (tax included in the price)
    b) Framed in accordance with the motif’s color and atmosphere that it provides at a price of € 100.00 (tax included in the price)

    The prices expressed in the shop are in euros for domestic and foreign customers. To purchase, click on CONTACT.

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