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In front of you is one of the most common motifs from the Adriatic coast. Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most recognized visions. With this print the author blends Dubrovnik in the deep blue of the sky and sea.


The graphic in front of you is made on 300 gram paper in the off-set technique, and it is marked, signed and finished by hand by the author himself.

2. Nenad Marasović, „Dubrovnik“, 40x48 cm

€ 65,00Price
  • The graphic in front of you is created with an off-set technique. The graphic is marked, signed and finished off by the author.

    The graphic can be ordered:
    a) Unmounted at a price of € 65.00 (tax included in the price)
    b) Framed in accordance with the motif’s color and atmosphere that it provides at a price of € 100.00 (tax included in the price)

    The prices expressed in the shop are in euros for domestic and foreign customers. To purchase, click on CONTACT.

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